Square Garden, Bristol

The Garden Brief

A design for a square garden. The existing garden was an expanse of gravel with patches of paving. Forming part of an old Georgian property there were a few quirks to deal with, such as a vaulted ceiling below causing a raised area in the garden. 

The client wanted to create a garden to compliment the period property, but with a contemporary feel. The existing garden is surrounded by tall buildings. It was empty, exposed and un-enticing. 

The aim was to create a garden which drew you in and unveiled more surprises as you wandered through. The client wanted somewhere to escape to and relax hidden away amongst abundant planting. Also top of the brief were: a small lawn, small entertaining space and a link to the lower courtyard.

The Garden Design

The design nods to its period property with a contemporary and playful outlook. Topiary columns of beech and low yew cubes form the structural backbone of the garden.

Small trees and the beech columns add height to the space, creating privacy from surrounding buildings and a sense of enclosure. The bold statements of height in the small garden bring a feeling of space to the garden and break up the view to the imposing neighbouring property at the end of the garden.

The garden is full of intrigue. The topiary columns and cubes hint to a maze garden. Inviting paths loop around the garden offer different routes to explore and meander. Moments of revelation are exaggerated with pinch points. Half hidden corners are revealed as you walk through, bringing moments of surprise.

Abundant layers of successional planting brings interest through the year and a softness to the space. Both entertaining terraces are surrounded by planting immersing you within the garden.

Where before the client had a part paved / part gravel yard, they now have an inviting and intriguing courtyard garden to explore. A place which unveils as you walk through and offers welcoming spaces to relax in. 

I designed this garden whilst working in the Artisan Landscapes design team. Garden built by Mint Maintenance and Landscaping.

square garden design
Square garden design
Square garden design

Square Garden Before:

Square Garden Design