Garden Design Process

Every project is unique and follows a slightly different process. Below is the backbone for the usual process which I take for a garden and landscape design project.

I also offer planting design and installation. This may form part of your overall garden design, or you may be looking to rejuvenate all, or an area of your garden.

Large or small, rural or urban, I love creating immersive and sensitive designs which transport you from your everyday and create an enjoyable escape. At the heart of my garden design ethos is you and the unique site. I approach each design individually, addressing your desires for your garden and exploring the potential the space has to offer.

Get in touch and I will happily chat to you about your project and see what route is best for you and your garden.

Alice is a registered member of the Society of Garden Designers. By choosing a Registered Member who has been rigorously assessed by a panel of adjudicators, you can be assured that their work is of the highest standard, they are insured, and that they adhere to our Code of Professional Conduct.

Photo courtesy of Artisan Landscapes

1. Initial Consultation

The design process starts with an on site meeting and initial consultation. The aim of this meeting is to get a feeling for the existing space, gain a thorough understanding of your aspirations for your garden, understand the practical needs for the space and importantly to get to know you and how you desire to use your garden.

Following this a written brief is sent to you with the fee proposal, breakdown of the fee structure and design process. Once approved, this brief forms the basis for the design development.

Garden Design Process

2. Site Survey

Before commencing a design, a topographical survey is required to capture all the detailed information of the site (for example: levels, utilities, dimensions). In the initial consultation we can recommend whether I, or an external company can carry this out for you, which I can arrange on your behalf.

Garden Design Process

3. Concept Design

I explore the concept design which is presented to you in an Outline Design Pack of 2D and 3D drawings, supported with moodboards. In the concept meeting we can walk through the 3D concept model to understand the layout and levels. The focus in this phase is to explore the character of the space and the layout. The specifics are worked out in the next phase. The concept design does not have the detailed information required for a contractor to build the design, the specifics required for this are worked out in the next detailed phase.

Garden Design Process

4. Detailed Design

Once the concept design is approved we develop the detail of the design and then the technical drawings required by the contractor.

From the package of drawings produced at this stage, a contractor can produce an accurate estimate for the construction of your garden. The drawings can be taken to tender or to a chosen contractor. We can recommend trusted contractors.

Garden Design Process

5. Planting Plan

The Planting Plans indicate the specific locations of each proposed plant. These are then supported by the plant schedules required for costing, ordering and setting out plants. The plant schedules lists every plant, their size and quantities. The plans and schedules are supported by moodboards which provide a good feel for the overall planting palette and style.

Garden Design Process

6. Construction

Once the contractor has been chosen and the build starts I offer an option for regular site visits to oversee the construction. I work closely with the landscape contractor to bring the design to life. The site visits can be as regular as you choose, from weekly to just once at the beginning and end.

Where required we will source and select furniture or bespoke items on behalf of you or the contractor.

Garden Design Process

7. Planting

I can specify, select and source all plant materials. I supervise their safe arrival on site and check their condition. A maintenance schedule is provided after planting.

Garden Design Process