Narrow Garden, Essex

The Garden Brief

The client of this very long and narrow garden, wanted to create a family friendly garden which invited you out from the house. On the client’s wishlist was a raised rill water feature, vegetable plot, outdoor dining area, family lawn and places to discover along the way.

The existing garden was a long stretch of lawn with a narrow path to one side. Random shrubs, raised beds and planting borders were dotted through the garden.

The link between the house and the existing garden was quite disjointed. The brick shed sits between them creating a narrowing view and a small path from house to garden. The aim was to create one overall cohesive and welcoming home. Key in the design would be an inviting vista and interesting area linking the house to the garden.


The Garden Design:

I divided the garden up into unfolding spaces you discover as you are drawn through. The path pulls you through and is then interrupted, diverting your direct route and opening you into a new space to explore. With the design I created turns and interruptions in the route to create intrigue and little nooks to nestle in.

The changing rhythm of the path, and expansion and contraction of space, slows you down and immerses you into the garden. I introduced layers of planting to add to the secret garden atmosphere. Moving shadows from tall grasses rustling in the breeze, textural seed- heads catching the frosts and scented herbs perfuming the air as you brush past.

As you meander through the path focuses and then opens out into areas to sit, pause and relax. Immersive and textural planting spills onto the path. Structural evergreen planting of large yew cubes and ilex crenata spheres create the green bones of the garden.

Gentle level changes of cor-ten steel risers subtly divide the zones.

Drawing you out from the house is a beautiful vista to the raised rill water feature. The strong view anchors the house to the garden, merging the two previously very separate entities into one overall welcoming home.

The photos are taken by the client during and shortly after planting.

I designed this garden whilst working in the Artisan Landscapes design team. The garden was built by TKE Landscaping and the clients.

narrow urban garden with rill and veg beds
narrow urban rill garden with cor-ten steps and family lawn
narrow urban rill garden with gravel garden
narrow urban rill garden with veg beds
narrow urban rill garden with cor-ten steps
narrow urban rill garden with cor-ten steps and family lawn
Long Garden Design

Garden Before:

Long Garden Design
Long Garden Design
Long Garden Design
Long Garden Design